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Apache Flex Portfolio

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Cognitia Systems Ordering


Cognitia System Ordering System is an online and offline ordering system developed using Adobe Live Cycle and Apache Flex 4.16.
The ordering system solves the problem of remote Australian salepersons that don’t have access to the internet.

The app downloads all its customer, stock and images when online and stores that information offline for the salesperson to create orders
and present products to the customer.

When the salesperson is connected to the internet, all orders, stock, customer information is synchronised with the server.

Cognitia Systems Ordering also acts as an importing/exporting system with the company’s ERP software. The app is scheduled to import text based
data to synchronise with salespersons’ app when online.

The software has been used in the wild for 7 years and the customer is very happy with its reliability and features that even modern software
cannot currently match.

Author: Jasen Martin

Dev details: Apache Flex 4.16 and Livecycle 3.52

Website: www.wwsouvenirs.com.au


Track n Trace Ordering


Track and Trace is an Apache Flex application developed by PWR to handle all their new and existing orders of high performance racing car radiators.
Every order is custom made to suit each customers needs. Track and Trace is a tool used to work out the exact specification of the customer’s radiator,
how many fins are needed, what size tubing to use and other exact specifications.

Original Author: Ferdinand Pachernegg

Current developer: Jasen Martin

Dev details: Apache Flex 4.16 and PHP backend

Website: www.pwr.com.au

PWR - TracknTrace